Installation in Unix

Installation is pretty simple, the only thing you need is to install Java JRE 1.8

  1. Install Java JRE or JDK version 1.8

  2. Create local user “laps” – this user will be used to run portal service:

    useradd laps --shell /sbin/nologin --no-create-home
  3. Create working directory for LAPS WebPortal and extract distributive:

    mkdir /opt/laps
    unzip /tmp/ /opt/laps
  4. Change an owner of the directory and set correct access rights:

    chown -R laps:laps /opt/laps
    chmod –R u=rwx,g=rx,o-rwx /opt/laps
  5. If java executable is not on PATH set correct path to java executable in /opt/laps/wrapper/conf/wrapper.conf: = путь_до_иполняемого_файла_java
  6. Install LAPS portal service. New service “laps” will be created.:

  7. Run the service:

    service laps start
  8. Open in browser https://host:8443