Installation in Windows

Installation is pretty simple, the only thing you need is to install Java JRE 1.8

  1. Create local user “laps” – this user will be used to run portal service.

  2. Allow user “laps” to work as a service:

    gpedit.msc -> Local Policy -> User Rights Assignment -> Log on as a service: add user "laps"
  3. Create directory C:\laps\ and extract distributive.

  4. Change the directories owner and set up appropriate access rights: user “laps” must have read and write access rights, other users except administrators must not have access to the directory

  5. if java.exe is not on %PATH% set correct path to java executable in file C:\laps\wrapper\conf\wrapper.conf. As file path separator use “/”: = path_to_java_exe

  6. Install LAPS portal service. New service “laps” will be created.:

  7. If you have your own license file copy it to C:\laps\_conf\license.txt. Default destribition includes a community license file.

  8. Run the service:

    net start laps
  9. Open in browser https://host:8443